5 sports stars and public figures who use CBD oil and why

CBD is having a moment. As consumers, businesses and celebrities alike are learning more about the various benefits to our health and wellbeing. More CBD products are becoming available in different forms as their popularity grows. As well as oil, gummies and capsules for our skincare, health products such as heat balms are more widely available than ever before.

Hollywood as A-listers from Whoopie Goldberg to Tom Hanks share their love for and advocacy for CBD oil. Advocating its benefits which include alleviating anxiety, easing pain, and helping to improve quality of sleep.

It’s not just Hollywood royalty who positively promote the use of CBD. Public figures here in the UK from well-loved sports stars to emerging models have also shared their love of CBD products and the benefits of using them with their fans. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites and shared their stories below.


1. Freddie Flintoff

Ex-cricketing legend and Top Gear host, Freddie Flintoff, recently shared his love of CBD oil-infused products with his followers on Instagram. Freddie Flintoff has long been vocal about the importance of athletes looking after their mental health. So his connection to CBD products is not that surprising. The former international cricketer shares his love for CBD oil-infused chocolate nut butter.


2. Laura Woods

Sports presenter and host of talkSPORT’s breakfast show, Laura Woods, shared with fans that she uses edible CBD products such as gummies as well as the oil as a remedy for poor sleep. A number of medical studies have demonstrated that CBD may be an aid to sleep with a more recent analysis showing CBD to have a positive effect on individuals who were experiencing anxiety and disturbed sleep.


3. David Beckham

David Beckham recently publicly backed a skincare company that uses cannabidiol as one of its main ingredients. The UK company, Cellular Goods, sold a stake to Beckham’s investment firm, DB Ventures, earlier this year. The company plans to sell skincare and athletic products and will be the first of its kind to trade CBD products on the London Stock Exchange.


4. Pippa Melody

Liverpudlian-born Pippa Melody is among many young women who use CBD oil as part of their skincare regime. The emerging model shared her self-care routine with fans which included CBD drops which help her manage feelings of overwhelm and stress. She also admitted to using the oral drops to help her unwind and relax before bed. Pippa also use CBD to ease period pains.


5. James Haskell

Former International rugby player, James Haskell, has co-founded CBD company, Impact Sports, with former All Blacks player Ben Franks. The pair are both advocates for the use of CBD in the sporting industry with Haskell himself using it primarily as an alternative to pain relief. Together, they hope to help end the stigma around using CBD in sport. They hope to help spread awareness of the many benefits using CBD has to athletes.

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